Python Tutorial

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This tutorial will teach you all about Python from very basic for beginner to advance.

What is Python ?

Python is a high-level, object-oriented, interpreted, and interactive scripting language.

Here is a simple Python example.

# Python Tutorial for beginner - Learn Python 

print("Python Tutorial at");

Here is the output produced by the above python program:

python tutorial

Here is another python program:

# Python Tutorial - Learn Python - Python Tutorial for Beginner

str = input("Enter your name please: ")
print("Hello,", str, "\nWelcome to Python Tutorial from");

Here is the sample run of the above python program:

learn python

You will learn all about Python one by one, in this tutorial series.


This tutorial of Python is designed and developed to all those python lover, who are interested to get a lot of python codes to practice.

In this tutorial, we have included as many code as required in each and every python chapter, therefore you enjoy programming with python with the help of this tutorial.

Every python code is given here with its respective output.


You can start learning Python here without having any prior knowledge. But it is little bit required to have some prior knowledge about basic computer skills.

And if you have some knowledge about how to program, then you will feel very easy to learn python here.

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